By Thy Mercy: Indelible Grace Acoustic

by Indelible Grace Music

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By Thy Mercy: Indelible Grace Acoustic puts acoustic instruments front and center, with 10 hymns by artists from the Indelible Grace community, including Matthew Smith, Sandra McCracken, Andrew Osenga, Chelsey Scott and more.

BONUS: Includes the bonus tracks "Arise My Soul Arise (Unplugged)" and "O Love That Will Not Let Me Go (2008 mix)"

1) By Thy Mercy [Matthew Smith]
2) Jesus Lord We Look To Thee [Jason Feller]
3) A Prayer For The Broken Hearted [Chelsey Scott]
4) Rock Of Ages (When The Day Seems Long) [MP Jones]
5) Greater Than Our Hearts [Matthew Smith]
6) Salvation To The Lamb [Emily Deloach]
7) Hallelujah Praise Jehovah [Jeremy Casella]
8) Great God From Thee [Andrew Osenga]
9) My God My Father Blissful Name [Justin Smith]
10) Lo The Storms Of Life Are Breaking [Sandra McCracken]
11) Arise My Soul Arise (Unplugged 2008) [Matthew Smith]
12) O Love That Will Not Let Me God (2008 Mix) [Sandra McCracken]